Independent Students

Under the Alberta School Act and Student Record Regulation, a student becomes an “independent student” when the student turns 18. At that time, the student starts to make all his or her own education decisions without the involvement of the student’s parents or guardians.

We cannot disclose an independent student’s personal information or student record to the student’s parents or guardians unless the independent student consents. This means that unless your child consents, you will no longer be able to access any information we have about your child, including your child’s school progress reports, test and assessment results, health information, suspension and expulsion information, school attendance summaries, and senior high school graduation information. You will also lose access to all online systems like SchoolMessenger and Brightspace.

We will contact your child directly shortly after he or she turns 18. At that time, we will give your child the opportunity to consent for us to continue to disclose his or her personal information and student record to you. Your child’s consent will be optional at that time.